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Living Made Easy - the leading provider of home care, adult daycare and transportation.

About Living Made Easy



The Mission of Living Made Easy Homes, LLC is to improve the lives for residents in a safe, loving and beautiful home. Our focus is on creating a supportive and nurturing environment thus enabling each resident to be more carefree while having an opportunity to engage in meaningful activities.


Our Vision is to assist individuals with daily caring and a devoted environment. Living Made Easy Homes, LLC will be seen as a model center for independent living and supportive living being responsive to the ever-changing needs of our communities and integrating each person into the community in which they are a part of.

To carry out our Mission and to achieve our Vision, we will:

  • Grow to meet the identified needs in our communities.

  • Maintain the highest standards while providing quality rental accommodations for residents in a safe and pleasant environment.

  • Obtain and retain a strong base of human resources, including staff, board, and volunteers.

  • Achieve and maintain financial responsibility.

  • Respect each resident’s right to independence and self- respect.

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